Addiction Recovery Council of Virginia (ARCVA) is a group of individuals, active in recovery, who would like to help influence Virginia’s current recovery policy towards a more productive solution. Collectively, we are a ground up grass roots organization dedicated to improving the delivery of authentic recovery support services in the state of Virginia.

We support the social model recovery program that implements peer-to-peer delivered Recovery Support Services (RSS). With over 250 years of scientifically proven evidence, the Recovery Model is a system of care which provides the best results and is best delivered by recovering people.

In comparison to the recovery system in place today, which is mandated by the government, Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs) who utilize the Recovery Model provide over half of all substance abuse services in Virginia; however they receive less than 1% of all funding in the Commonwealth. With limited resources RCO’s are remarkably effective at achieving long-term, drug free recovery. Additional support and funding would have great economic and social impact on the recovery system in the state of Virginia. There is a great need to exercise prudence. Please make a well-informed decision to join us in our efforts to enhance drug addiction treatment in Virginia.

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Addiction Recovery Council of Virginia