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Top Ten Wizards

Carol McDaid, the Mc in McShin
#3 in America’s Most Influential Addiction Experts,

Carol McDaid

Carol McDaid is one sassy lady. In recovery herself for alcoholism and drug addiction, she’s become a powerful advocate in Washington for people in recovery. McDaid has sometimes faced criticism for her own openness about her recovery and shunning of her anonymity, but undeterred, she chairs the most important advocacy group for addicts at a federal level—Faces and Voices of Recovery. A registered federal lobbyist, Carol led the Parity NOW coalition that successfully supported passage of the 2008 Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act—which requires insurers to treat mental and physical illnesses equally. This led Tom McLellan to note, “If Carol McDaid had not been on this planet, there would be no Parity legislation.” McDaid also serves on the Betty Ford Institute Executive Council and she has had a profound impact in how legislators understand addiction by giving those in recovery a voice and an identity at the Federal level.

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70th Anniversary, Fort A.P. HILL, Virginia

Saturday June 11, 2011-

The day was commenced with an Americana Military Parade in Bowling Green at 10 a.m. to honor all Veterans and those military members who serve in our nation’s Armed Forces. Following the parade, The McShin Foundation and Caroline County Recovery Center served a BBQ feast to hundreds of men and women of the armed forces. In addition to food and drinks, they provided tents, picnic tables and great service.