1. To carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation);
  2. To establish a Virginia network of individuals and organizations that will support local, regional and national community-led recovery initiatives.
  3. To support the establishments of recovery advocates in Virginia.
  4. To promote and celebrate positive aspects of recovery.
  5. To organize and mobilize the thousands of VA citizens in recovery/recovering.
  6. To change public perceptions of recovery and support the promotion of effective public policy in VA.
  7. To support individuals, communities and organizations in putting a “face” on recovery.
  8. To support the development and establishment of enhanced recovery capital within communities.
  9. To provide infrastructure support to Recovery Networks, communities and organizations.
  10. To enable recovery communities and networks to grow and expand across VA.
  11. To support the development of recovery-oriented guidelines and competency-based recovery credentials.

We Aim To:

  • Promote the ARCVA Recovery Principles and support the development of a diverse statewide Recovery Movement.
  • Give a voice & face to recovering people and people in recovery.
  • Support individuals, groups, organizations and communities in the development of their  “Recovery Capital.”
  • Promote and support diverse and effective community-focused recovery models and practice.
  • Support community-focused organizations and groups in the delivery of recovery-oriented services.

Addiction Recovery Council of Virginia